About BCCM


Welcome to BCCM, your pathway to excellence in Management Education. Affiliated with Aurnachal University for Studies (AUS), for undergrad courses. For PGDM, diploma and certificate courses, EIMT university, Switzerland.


At BCCM, we envision being a beacon of innovation and excellence, nurturing skilled professionals who elevate industries and enrich society. Our mission is clear: to provide immersive training, empower students with a top-tier curriculum, and foster research-driven success in the competitive corporate world.

Embracing a global outlook, BCCM celebrates diversity, ethics, and inclusivity, preparing students to thrive in the interconnected corporate landscape. Our experienced team ensures a blend of practical insights and theoretical knowledge, shaping globally competitive professionals.


Join us at BCCM for an exceptional educational journey, crafting your future in the corporate realm.